Leading the Innovation of Blockchain Autopilot

Vectoraic is a transparent, efficient, safe and open unmanned travel platform with advanced unmanned driving technology based on the framework of block chain graphene base technology, which improves the overall performance of unmanned driving, constructs the infrastructure of next generation of intelligent transportation, and leads the reform of the whole pilotless field. Blockchain technology is an advanced technology applied in many industries that include trading Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as well. It is also very easy to find investment opportunities related to this new technology. Those who want to invest in stocks, but also want to benefit from this new technology can invest their money in Bitcoin-Aktien in Deutschland. It would be a wise decision as the market moves steeply upwards.

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  • Vectoraic
    Vectoraic is the first ground traffic management system based on V2X technology in the world. The breakthrough of the super horizon pre judgment software system is the biggest breakthrough in the field of autopilot by Vectoraic.
  • The principle of phased array radar
    This video explains the principle of phased array radar. The common radar has a lot of radar blind spots. The phased array radar is mainly used in the military. Vectoraic is the only auto driver company that applies the phased array radar technology.
  • The Pre Program Autonomous Abilities
    The video shows that the Pre Program Autonomous Abilities have been applied in the military field. The Israeli army’s field operations are very bumpy, but Vectoraic technology can still handle such road conditions easily.
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Vectoraic Advantage

Remote detection technology

Vectoraic is the only V2X technology ground traffic management system in the global autonomous driving technology. It has an US patent. Vectoraic's unique algorithm and reformative redesigned Api sharing technology are used to analyze and collect vector data through any electronic device. After collect and analyze the data, Vectoraic can exclude most of the collision risk 2 kilometers away.

Vectoraic Computer

In the current on-board computer computing system used in autonomous driving technology, data has to be stored in memory in order to be processed by the CPU. The APU-combined processor used by Vectoraic can directly store data in memory and process it directly without input/output processing, which greatly improves the computing performance (1000 times the speed of current operation time); also greatly reduced the power been used.

The most efficient vector data image processing technology in the world

Compared to the image data collected by Google Maps, Vectoraic uses a top-notch vector data image processing system to perform 3D Omni-directional detection and depth perception of the target through the use of smart cruise and homing technology, and high-resolution laser detection. It comprehensively measures the front, rear, and side of the target and upload the scanned vector data to the system, and automatically stitch a large amount of fragmented data into a perfect vector map. The neural network algorithm automatically filters hazards for accurate analysis and is 300 times more efficient than Google satellite maps.

Vectoraic Radar

The use of military-grade radars for the first time in world-wide autonomous driving technology: Class-phased array radar, breakthrough technology, the radar without rotation, greatly improving image processing speed, smaller than the Google Car Radar, more beautiful, able to within 300 meters for all pedestrians and 360-degree full-range vehicle detection, the reaction speed is 100 times faster than Google's car radar.

  • Vectoraic BaaS

    Vectoraic encrypts and uploads the collected data to the Vectoraic chain. Since all data is encrypted and displayed on the Vectoraic chain, it not only protects the privacy of users, but also makes the data collected by Vectoraic more convincing. In order to better build the Vectoraic ecosystem, Vectoraic will open the Vectoraic Blockchain as a service on the Vectoraic private chain, which is only available to partners participating in the Vectoraic ecological construction.

  • Vectoraic Sharing

    Vectoraic will provide passengers with a de-neutralised shared automatic driving travel service that can be traded through digital assets. These services include:Vectoraic Smart Car Travel Service、Passenger Credit Assessment、Vectoraic Smart Car Performance Evaluation、Big Data Personalization Service、Digital Currency VT Trading Service.

  • Vectoraic Exchange

    Vectoraic will launch Auto Travel Exchange on a base of Auto Travel Sharing users. Vectoraic has a large number of performance evaluation data for automatic driving smart cars, as well as the unique identity of an automatic driving smart car. The logo can quickly match the needs of passengers, enabling new cars or cost-effective second-hand cars to be sold in seconds, and has been equipped with the world's top automatic driving system: Vectoraic OS.
    Auto Travel Exchange service content:Digital Currency VT Trading Service、Vectoraic Smart Car Ordering Service、Vectoraic Smart Car Sale Service、Vectoraic Smart Car Performance Evaluation、Vectoraic Smart Contract.


About Team

Vectoraic, a high-tech enterprise from Israel, has developed the world's first travel platform based on autopilot and Blockchain technology. Its core technologies are an automatic driving road prediction system based on the development of the air force unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) reconnaissance Blockchain technology and a hardware system for military technology.
The Vectoraic Blockchain carries on the technical structure of the graphene base, and constructs an orderly circular ecosystem based on public chain, private chain and BaaS open platform.

Lior Motilsky

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Lior:The most famous scientist of automatic driving UAV in the Israel De- fense Industry, the company he founded, is supplier of U.S. Special Forces Un- manned Aerial Vehicles and combat aircraft integration system, Conversion of experimental aircraft to a UAV. At the same time, he is also the chief architect of developments and production of special projects in the field of unmanned vehi- cles in the Israel industries and of Israeli Defence Forces. In addition, he is also the primary designer and sole supplier of component from composite materials for the Boeing 787 Dream Liner Airplane. Lior is a graduate at the Ben Gourion University in M. Engineering. Lior involved in two remote and programmed remote control projects, for a military project and a civilian project in the field of command and control, fire extinguishing, and other issues.

llan Mizrachi

Chief Information Officer

Mr. llan, a former chairman of the Israeli National Security Council, the Israeli Prime Minister, chief of national security adviser to the Israeli Prime Minister, former deputy director of Mossad.

Aviram Malik

Chief Operating Officer

Aviram has an outstanding record as an industrialist and serial entrepreneur of successful high-tech companies. For the past 15 years, he has been deeply involved as an entrepreneur, serving on the boards of many of companies and leading them to IPOs both on the NASDAQ and the ASX. Aviram served in the navy as a deep sea diver.

Or Shlomo

Chief Technology Officer

The chief scientist of Israel's renowned face recognition supplier, which supplies the face recognition technology to Israeli border and the whole city of Jerusalem, the expert consultant on the block chain technology of the Weizmann Institute, the ten largest research institute, the chief algorithm scientist of the NASDAQ listed companies, the committee member of the IAI Standardization Organization Review Committee.

Eran Gilboa

Chief Financial Officer

Mr Gilboa holds a B.A in Economics and Management, specializing in finance, from the College of Management in Israel, and an LLM from Bar-Ilan University. He has vast experience as the Chief Financial Officer for numerous global companies in the fields of hi-tech, real estate, finance and media. He also played a crucial rule in various mergers and acquisitions of international companies, where he led the intricate financial and tax processes. Moreover Mr. Gilboa has a CPA license and was responsible for private and public companies in his role as Senior Accountant at Ernst & Young.

Yuval Gutman

Chief Developer

Yuval is Cyber Software Engineer at Check Point Software Technologies. He has major roles in designing and implementing high scale real-time data driven cyber defense systems. Yuval is a Blockchain expert and holds bachelor’s degree in Information System Engineering from the Ben Gurion University – Israel.

Yotam Leder

Vectoraic Foundation Executive Director

Mr. YOTAM graduated from Lauder business school in Vienna, Austria. He used to serve as Consul of Consulate General of Israel in Hong Kong and Commercial Counsellor of Embassy of Israel in Austria. As a former diplomat leading the foreign business sector, he has strong economic resources in Israel and connections to many Israeli multinational enterprises and technology companies. He has close relationship with Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Commerce, Minister of Science, Technology and Space, as well as Ministry of Defense.

Yosef Solt


Yosef has 22 years of experience as an electronics and computer engineer working at Marvell Israel. He was among the first partners to establish the communications company Galileo, which was sold to Marvel Global., Galileo operates as part of the Marvel Global company and employs around 1000 workers in Israel. Yosef has registered 27 patents in telecommunications, computers and testing components. He served in the army as a major in the Intelligence Corps and received a B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering from the Technicon - Israel Institute of Technology.

Michael Ron

Consultative Committee

Michael has worked for the Israel Atomic Energy Commission for 22 years, has held senior management positions, and has served as Professor of Industrial and Management Engineering at Ben-Gurion University for more than 10 years. Michael spent five years at Israel’s Consulate General in Los Angeles. He is also the vice president of technology for one of the largest companies in Israel. He is responsible for various industrial projects including renewable energy. In addition, he established and managed the import and distribution business of Mazda's Japanese cars in Israel, which has also become Israel's largest and most profitable car business. Since 1999, Michael has been actively promoting and promoting technological entrepreneurship, focusing on investing in start-ups in the fields of medical equipment, biotechnology, communications and automotive. He also established and managed 26 investment clubs for private investors and served as a member of the executive committee of the technology incubator.

Eric Banoun

Consultative Committee

Eric is a senior manager and has a good reputation for selling large projects in global security government agencies. Previously, he served as Vice President of Sales and Business Development for the Network and Intelligence Division of the Global NICE System (Nasdaq Stock Code: NICE). Later, as a co-founder and partner of CT Circles Technologies, Eric was a leader in the company’s success and remained active for 18 months after Circles was acquired by a US private equity fund. Prior to NICE, Eric served as Vice President of ECI Telecom, focusing on the development and success in Asia, and Orckit's Vice President of Global Sales and Business Development. Prior to joining ECI, Eric also worked at the Boeing Commercial Aircraft Group's internal collision prevention department in Seattle, Oregon, and worked closely with the world's leading commercial airlines. Eric holds a bachelor's degree in aerospace from the Israeli Institute of Technology and an MBA from Tel Aviv University.

Erez Fait

Consultative Committee

Mr. Fait is the CEO of Holdings Ltd. He has more than 30 years of experience in security and communications systems, research and development, marketing and strategy for Tadiran Systems and ECI Telecom. He left to start Platinet Communication in 2000 and Orange Partner Communications. Since 2001, he has acted as the agent and sales communications solution provider through Fait Holdings Limited, and has maintained technical cooperation relationships with Southeast Asia's telecommunications and security companies that are at the core of Indonesia.

Cooperative Partner

Cooperative Partner